Crane Boat Wide


Crane Boat Wide

MJT are the only company that have a 36 metric tonne crane custom built into a 50′ narrowboat. This was built to the safety specifications given by the Canal & River Trust and structurally designed by navel engineers. The build was fabricated by Colecraft Engineering or Colecraft Boats as they are better know on the canals.

The construction of the boat consists of a 35mm base plate, this alone is 7 tonne in weight. The rest of the structure is 8mm minimum. The combined weight of the crane and boat is 24 tonne in its narrow form and a 5 tonne counter weight is then added to balance the boat, this gives a total of 29 tonne before the load is added.

By attaching 2x 5 tonne ballast tanks, one to each side this transforms the crane-boat from narrow to wide. This increases the carrying capacity to over 10 tonnes and reduces the water draft for shallower waters and provides maximum stability of this now 40 tonne vessel.

This allows the crane-boat to be used in the wider parts of the Inland Waterways system and rivers. MJT worked closely with Canal & River Trust to achieve this.

The crane-boat can be tugged to a location or transported by road and craned into the water at desired location.